The Whatcom Dream
Our mission is to lower the poverty rate in Whatcom County, Washington.

Moving from “Why me?” to “Why NOT me?”

Most people think of a dream as something you do while you sleep, or some kind of unattainable goal that could never really materialize. Here at The Whatcom Dream we define dreams as aspirations, goals, and hopes that you would like to attain for yourself and/or your family. We aren’t talking about “puffy clouds in the sky” dreams, we are talking about practical, everyday dreams that bring stability and security to your life. Almost any dream, whether it be getting a degree, starting a business, or purchasing a home, involves finances. That’s why it’s imperative that you build a strong financial foundation for yourself. The current economic climate makes it even more important, indeed.

Part of the reason people don’t reach their dreams is the limiting beliefs they have developed over time. Your beliefs are what you hold to be true. In our course, we look at where our money beliefs originally came from, usually formed in early life, and we examine those beliefs to see if they are really working. This self awareness can unleash dreams you thought you’d never see come true in your life. The Whatcom Dream classes are effective in helping people move from a mind set of “Why me?” to “Why NOT me?

Most dreams have some kind of financial component whether it  be going to school, buying a home of your own, or starting a business. Financial literacy is a necessary part of the process, maybe not the most exciting part, but a very necessary part nevertheless. Financial literacy helps us systematically reach our dreams and protects our dreams while they grow.

Knowing what local resources are available to help you reach your dreams is an important element too. We bring you this information through guest speakers so you can learn about the creative programs operating in Whatcom County that can help you succeed. So, think about what dreams you would like to achieve, and think about why. Visualize yourself living your dream. Come to a class and articulate your dream to others and learn how to deal with the obstacles that stand in your way. Live your dream by making deliberate choices, not by just reacting to whatever life throws at you.

Our classes are designed specifically to help people examine their relationship with money, learn healthier ways of handling it, and build a personalized budget based on their true core values. Each person is unique, and each budget needs to be, too.

Utilizing over a decade of of nonprofit financial industry experience, The Whatcom Dream goes beyond the traditional financial literacy curriculum to develop new insights, help you reach your goals, and walks with you as you reach your dreams – whether that is returning to school, buying a home or starting a business. Begin shaping your future today. Please check our calender for upcoming class start dates.

   We are here to help you succeed.

Warmest regards,

Trudy Shuravloff

Executive Director, The Whatcom Dream
2004 Whatcom Dream graduate