What Does The Whatcom Dream Do?

We help people move out of the tyranny of living hand-to-mouth. If you, or someone you know has ever lived like this, you have seen the stress and pain this causes. Unfortunately, for people born into generational poverty, this cycle seems endless and inescapable. People feel hopeless and attitudes of apathy and cynicism prevail. And so it goes, generation after generation.

We all learn by what we see growing up. Did you know that a child’s financial habits are set in place for life at the age of seven? The lifelong habit of saving needs to be set in place by an early age.  But, consider this:  if you did not grow up in a financially literate environment how would you know how to navigate financially in a responsible way? You wouldn’t. That’s where Whatcom Dream can help.

Through our program people learn to build a better future for themselves, reach important goals and dreams- achieve self sufficiency, college completion, retain gainful employment, become contributors to the community and experience the peace of mind that comes with finally having enough to sustain themselves.

We all want to have something worthwhile and meaningful to pass on to our loved ones. When you support The Whatcom Dream you are creating opportunities for Whatcom County residents stuck in the cycle of poverty to do just that-pass on a gift to their children that is priceless – a different way to live.